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From planting to product

We get seedlings from renowned European producers from several European countries, namely France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, etc.

They come to us as small rooted plants from which they further develop into large, rich and lush plants that later decorate your garden or house. After planting, intensive cultivation begins where ideal conditions, such as adequate temperature, humidity, light and essential nutrition, are achieved. In the gardening wreath we plow the submerged tables for growing seedlings, because with such technology you can water or save more plants in a very short time.

When the plants are ready for delivery, they are packaged in different packages, depending on the size of the plant and the jar, and as such are distributed to retail chains or to the end customer.

We have our own fleet, two vans and a truck for distribution.

Our greenhouses

Our facilities are equipped with modern flower growing equipment, such as movable roller tables (tide system), automatic shading systems used in the summer to protect the plants from too much sun, and to save heating during the winter months, we also own the unit for computer irrigation and watering, ramps for seedling and irrigation of seedlings, drop-by-drop systems, automatic crop illumination of crops, filling machines, seed sowing machines, trolley wrapping machines, conveyor belts and labeling line products.

We are also proud to use renewable energy sources in our gardens as the main energy source, which does not pollute the environment and disrupt the biological balance of fossil fuels.

The boiler room is equipped with a modern 1 MW boiler with automatic fuel addition, silo, and we have a complete line for the preparation of biomass for heating.

We also take care of plant protection, because we also use advanced technologies such as cold misting the building, which reduces the consumption of water and protective substances, and thus does not burden the environment.

Wholesale trade chains

We market our products in retail chains and are present in markets and fairs all over Croatia.