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We get seedlings from reputable European producers from several European countries, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, etc.


Balcony program

Spring is suitable for almost all types of flowers, especially balcony, bulbous and other

About Company

The Wreath Garden has been on the market for over 23 years, preceded by another 10 years in flower production. It was created as a small family business , where the second generation is engaged in flower production.

Flowers from our own production are marketed in retail chains throughout Croatia , and we are present in the markets.



Planting services

If you don't have time for your own planting due to the fast-paced life or want something different, we recommend our service planting and growing plants to order .


All Saints

Suitable for flowers more resistant to lower temperatures and shorter days like chrysanthemum, spinach, pansies

Our Clients