Production of Chrysanthemums multiflora
For the special Christmas Production of Chrysanthemums multiflora Balcony flowers Suitable for All Saints Participation in the exhibition Ludbreg Hydrangeas in production We deal with landscaping Beautiful queen of flowers
Early spring
Beginning of the year, in early Spring starts sale of primula and cyclamen
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Spring is suitable for almost all kinds of flowers, especially for balcony, bulb etc.
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Suitable for flowers resistant to lower temperatures and shorter days, such as chrysanthemums, violas...
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For the special atmosphere of Christmas will certainly contribute poinsettia
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Production of nursery

We have a 5000 square meters of internal production and 10000 square meters of outdoor production. Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies nutrition, ventilation, shading, watering, heating, and plant protection. With constant improvement and modernization of the production facility and offers a superior quality product.

One of the primary product is the hydrangea, range of twenty colors which are only in Croatia.

We are anxious and prone to constant innovations introducing a new range, such as Phalaenopsis orchids and indoor plant. Therefore, they need frequent reuse of buildings and adopt new technologies in order to create the conditions most similar to the areas where these plants grow.

Flowers and ornamental plants are grown throughout the year:

  • Early Spring
    primulas and cyclamen
  • Spring
    perennials, geraniums, pelargonium grandiflorum,pelargonium peltatum, sundavilla, tradenscancia, tagetis, begonia, impatiens, ageratum, Senecio, dianthus, fuchsia, Ipomea, astromeria, calla, lily and others.
  • Autumn
    Chrysanthemum, spider mums, multiflora, viola
  • Winter (Christmas)

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