Production of Chrysanthemums multiflora
For the special Christmas Production of Chrysanthemums multiflora Balcony flowers Suitable for All Saints Participation in the exhibition Ludbreg Hydrangeas in production We deal with landscaping Beautiful queen of flowers
Early spring
Beginning of the year, in early Spring starts sale of primula and cyclamen
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Spring is suitable for almost all kinds of flowers, especially for balcony, bulb etc.
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Suitable for flowers resistant to lower temperatures and shorter days, such as chrysanthemums, violas...
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For the special atmosphere of Christmas will certainly contribute poinsettia
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Landscape architecture

Landscape arhitecture

We are engaged in planning, developing and maintaining your garden. Feel free to contact us and we will advise you to edit your yard.

We are able to plant their own plants from growing or obtain certain types according to your wishes.

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